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Submitted on
September 30, 2012


We are now accepting sign-ups for October's Feedback Pack.

Welcome members, to Feedback Pack!

This will be an ongoing joint activity at :iconauthors-of-fantasy: and :iconfantasyliterature: to help get the feedback you want on your literary work.

Please get in your participation indication by 5:00 p.m. (standard central time) on Monday, October 8th

How does it work?

:bulletblack:You do not need to be a premium member to participate-this is for any feedback, not just critiques.
:bulletblack:Sign up by commenting on the blog
:bulletblack:Each feedback “session” will be one month long
:bulletblack:Members participating will be randomly paired up
:bulletblack:An updated blog will be put out to show the pairings
:bulletblack:A minimum of 3 comments must be left by each partner
(more can be done if both participants agree to it)
:bulletblack:Note your partner with a selection of 5 literature pieces to choose from for commenting

What if someone isn't fulfilling their commitment?

:bulletblack:If your partner is not participating as they should, note us
:bulletblack:If a member cannot fulfill their requirements, a back-up partner will be assigned
:bulletblack:If you are interested in becoming a back-up, please let us know

Monthly enrollment.

:bulletblack:The last week of each session will be “open enrollment”
:bulletblack:You must re-enroll for each session you wish to participate in

:star:   Although it is not expected that extravagant critiques are given,   :star:
we do expect you to put time and thought into your comments

:love: Your friendly neighborhood admins will be participating as much as possible!:love:

Let’s make this a great opportunity to get to know each other and share some feedback!
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